The Fall of Fairhaven

An Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG, Character Levels 4-5

The Fall of Fairhaven is a free adventure module compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that uses miniatures from the Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter, specifically the Vampire Pledge level rewards.Griffon_Fall_of_Fairhaven

I’ve been a Game Master for years, and for almost the whole time I’ve been collecting miniatures to represent characters in the stories I choose to tell. Still, it isn’t uncommon for me to end up with more miniatures than I know what to do with. When I heard about the Bones Kickstarter, many of the stretch goals had already been unlocked and my eyes were wide with wonder at all the new miniatures that would soon be sitting on my desk waiting for a paint job.

The Fall of Fairhaven was born to make sure the new Bones miniatures see some use at my gaming table. When I started thinking my plans for the adventure out though, I thought it might be fun to write it up as a free product for others to use as well. The Fall of Fairhaven is the first adventure I’ve written with the intent to share with others, and it won’t be the last.




3 thoughts on “The Fall of Fairhaven”

  1. As a new DM, this was a great adventure to run with my party! It had a good mix of diplomatic/roleplaying elements and some good old fashioned dungeon encounters. I would have liked a bit more instruction on how to present Part 3, it got a little confusing there! I would love to play/DM more adventures by you, when are you planning on publishing more?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Jess! I was originally planning to write another part for Bones II, but those plans were derailed. Bones III is coming though, and I may have to revisit this now.

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